Google’s Email Intervention

I just came across Google’s Email Intervention campaign website. I was just wondering what their ultimate goal is.

hmm.. not only Google gets new users, but also they get to know the email addresses belong to our close and real friends.. pretty smart! aren’t they ? They’ll be connecting the new Google users with Google+ and have more information on user relationships to fight with Facebook Ads :)

Hello 2011!

Can’t even believe that we are in 2011..


HELLO 2011!

Hope you’d bring only good to us all! :)

Blogs Blogs & Blogs

I went through some blogs today. Wonder how do those people find time to write a hell of a lot of lengthy crap that no one would ever think of reading. May be they can’t express their ideas with few words or they just want to pretend that they are world renowned writers of the cyber world.

After.Life – One hell of a movie

Watched the movie “After.Life” last week and thought it would be better to post it here.  The story is a bit different from what we expect it to have, but it shows how important to live our LIFE! Yes, the movie doesn’t talk about NDE (Near Death Experience). But if you watch it, you would definitely enjoy it.



Bought A Domain :)

Here we go…

Last Sunday the 21st of Nov, 2010,  I bought the domain to start a blog for myself.

Installed a simple theme now.

Well.. I’m hoping to keep on writing, or rather blogging as they say whenever I get a chance :)